Can I keep my telephone number?

The answer is yes, we are able to transfer phone numbers from all major UK operators, and we can also port the vast amount international numbers.

Can I keep my existing email address but switch to your service?

You will need to check with your email service provider. However, if you use a webmail service such as Yahoo! Mail, Google Mail or IM then you can use these from any browser with an Internet connection.

What makes Air Net better than the rest?

We have dedicated years of research into wireless technology to offer faster download speeds, no data limits, voice services & IPTV services with very competitive pricing, all staffed by highly experienced IT professionals, and completely independent of traditional land line PSTN technology.

Who owns the equipment on my roof?

The equipment itself is part of our network infrastructure. Naturally we need access to it so that we can maintain the network and update the hardware when required.  When your contract ends, or our service is no longer required, we reserve the right to collect the dish from the property. You can keep the free router, cables & power supply provided. This makes sense for all as it will be of no use to any person that does not subscribe to our service. If you don’t want us to remove it, you agree to pay us £80 upon service disconnection.

What if I move house?

As long as you move within the coverage area, you will still be able to subscribe to the service. However we will need to move the wireless equipment to your new address for which there will be a charge. If you move outside of the coverage area you will need to contact us to terminate the service giving one months notice. You will still be required to pay for any minimum commitment period.

Can I use my existing wireless router?

You may need to reconfigure your router to use on our service. Alternatively we do sell high spec pre configured routers starting at £50.

How and when will I make the payment for installation?

You can pay by cash/card or PayPal on the once installation has been completed (this amount will include up-to 1 Month free internet access, plus an optional free wifi router). Following payments are collected by direct debit on the 1st working day of each Month to save you £5 per Month)

How secure is a wireless network in comparison to a wired network?

Our wireless broadband service is highly secure as it works on frequency hopping technology. We also try to block any inbound traffic from the internet which we deem as a virus or dos attack, however we recommend to everyone that a firewall to protect you computer & network should always be installed. The level of security required will be dictated by the value of the data on the network. Air Net can provide a tailored security solution to suit your needs if required.

Can Air Net come to my area?

If your area is not listed, don’t worry. Air Net are continually expanding and we are interested in launching in any area. The best thing to do is to register you’re details including postcode and suggest that friends and neighbours in your area do so as well.

How will I know if I can receive signal in my area?

You can use our signal check page, or give us a call. However sometimes we can’t be absolutely accurate, until the day of installation. If the signal does not exceed our threshold we will not proceed with installation and you will not incur any costs. The reason that we insist upon this policy is that adding subscribers whose signal strength is below our threshold will degrade the system for all.

Can I keep my current telephone number?

Yes you can whether you are a business customer or a residential customer both can be retained. Please get in touch with us prior to install/cancellation of your old supplier and we’ll tell you how.

Will the service interfere with my phone line?

No, this is a completely separate technology.

Why do I not need a phone line for Wavelink or Fibrewave?

Our service is delivered wirelessly, direct to your premises. We do not rely on Kingston Communications for any of our infrastructure in the Hull area. So, if you are happy to rely on your mobile for voice calls, or would like to give our Voicetalk phone systems a try, we can transfer your existing number to our network.

Can I use my WII, X-Box or PS with Air Net?

Yes, latency with Air Net is low and the high available bandwidth makes it ideal for online gaming.

What speeds can I hope to achieve?

This will depend on your location and numerous other factors. We will ascertain your speeds on the day of install and only proceed if we are all happy.

Do I need to have a large antenna on my building?

No, you don’t need a huge antenna or satellite dish outside your home to use Air Net Wavelink or Fibrewave. We will supply all the equipment needed. A small 30cm dish goes on the outside of your house, usually below your TV aerial.

When will the internet be ready to use?

If the signal check is ok then the service can be installed. As soon as payment has been made by card, cash, or paypal, and all documents completed. The internet service will be active. If for any reason the engineer is not able to get a strong enough signal then there is no charge for the call out.

What happens on the day of installation?

Our fully trained engineers will arrive at the appointed time and make their way to the most suitable point for the dish (usually your roof, or where the external TV aerial is).  Once in position they will check the received signal strength from the nearest mast. If the signal strength is up to our high standards they will proceed by fixing the dish in position and running the cabling into the house (usually your front room roughly in the same location as the cable from your TV aerial). Indoors; you will need to allocate a mains socket into which the adapter will be plugged into in order to power the dish. We then connect an Ethernet cable which will connect to your choice of device, perhaps you’re desktop PC or the free optional wireless router we supply.

What equipment is used for Wavelink / Fibrewave installation at my premises?

Our wireless installation consists of a small dish, an indoor power supply, the necessary cabling from roof to network socket in your property, and a network cable to the router, switch or direct to a network appliance.