Make Payment

If your direct debit fails on the 1st working day of the Month for whatever reason, we will give you up-to 9 days to pay us via our website or over the telephone during our office hours. We charge different fees depending on how late payment is made:

Paying up-to 9 days late: £5
Paying up-to 18 days late £10
Paying up-to 31 days late £15

If we don’t receive payment via our site or by telephone on or before the 9th day of the Month, then we will try by direct debit on or just after the 14th day of the Month. If the second direct debit collection attempt fails, your service may be suspended on or just after the 18th day of the Month, and we will require the full outstanding amount to be paid, plus a £15 reconnection charge before we will reconnect your service.

If your service has been suspended; when you make payment it will be applied to your account, and your service will be restored usually within 1 hour. If your connection has taken longer than an hour to reconnect, please text “reconnect service, your name & address,” to 07858583292 or call us on 01964775001 during office hours, and someone will check your connection.

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