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Please note if you live in Hull, this service is not currently available.

AirNet Superfast Fibre is now available on most fibre enabled UK telephone exchanges, which are able to offer superfast broadband speeds of up-to 80Mbps. This service is great for really heavy use of the internet, and is for all demanding internet users and gamers. We charge a flat rate of £39.99 per Month for unlimited service access.

We charge a one-off connection fee of £60 for a new connection, or to transfer service from another provider. We Include a fully managed AC1200 5G WiFi Router Hub at no extra cost, which is ready to work straight out of the box; so no tricky set up or configuration is required. We simply give you the WiFi password needed to use the service and you connect your devices. There are also 4 Gigabit LAN sockets on the WiFi Router Hub, so you can connect smart TV’s, set top boxes and game consoles if required.

When you switch to our Superfast Fibre, we will make arrangements with your current provider, so switching is made simple and hassle free, and you do not have to do anything, apart from sit back and relax. If you require a new connection, we will make arrangements to send a local network engineer to connect the line socket to your house. It may take around 14 working days to provide a new service, or to transfer from another operator, but we will know exact dates soon after your order is placed. On the service activation date, simply connect the new router hub we supply to the line socket, and the service will come online usually within 1 minute.