We can currently supply telephone line services in 2 different ways:

We have access to the majority of telephone lines which run around the UK, (with the only exception that we have no agreement currently in place with KCOM for fixed line telecom service or broadband access via their lines in the Kingston upon Hull service area at the moment.) We can however port / transfer KCOM telephone number to our Voicetalk service.

Known as the public switched telephone network, (or PSTN for short), we currently have agreements in place to be able to transfer lines from other operators, such as BT, Sky, Talktalk, Plusnet, Virgin Media, and many more. We can also install new phone lines around the UK where required.

The second way that we can deliver telephone services is via our digital Voicetalk telephone service which runs via any or most broadband connections around the world. Our Voicetalk telephone line works in much the same way as a standard phone line does, but offers many more features, previously impossible, or very expensive compared to standard fixed telephone lines. Know as voice over IP (or VoIP for short), you connect your standard telephone handset to an adapter we supply (BT/KC plug,) and the adapter connects to a high-speed broadband service which allows you to make and receive calls over your internet connection rather than over a standard copper telephone line. Voicetalk works in exactly the same way as if you were connected to a standard phone line. We can provide number transfers from other operators; transfer multi-lines for businesses, and we offer a free web portal page log in to view your call records, and manage any aspect of your telephone service. This service works on any high-speed broadband internet connection in the world, and also via our partners in the Hull (KCOM) area of the UK. We can also transfer your existing KCOM, BT, Virgin Media, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet or telephone number from most other global operators, including international telephone numbers at no extra cost at all.

We offer very competitive pricing vs most other operators, and we have call inclusive bundles if you like to use the phone more often. In most cases where the Voicetalk service is connected using our own broadband connection, we can price match or beat all other offers from any other service provider and operators with bespoke call bundles.